Monolithic conveyor belts

Seamless Material Handling with our Monolithic Belts

Our Monolithic belts do not have any fabric intermediate layers and are therefore completely closed from all sides of the belt. This prevents any liquid penetration into the belt, or fabric to fray out of the belt. This makes it a very hygienic solution especially suitable for the food industry.

Monolithic belts can be driven by friction on crowned rollers like any fabric-ply belt, so can often replace a fabric ply belt without modification to the conveyor. See

Alternatively our monolithic belts can be positively driven by sprockets that engage with a toothed structure underneath the belt. The belt doesn’t require tension to operate smoothly without jumping or slippage. This ensures a longer lifetime for the belt and many conveyor parts.

A positively driven monolithic belt combines the features of modular and fabric-ply belting:

  • solid, flexible plastic;
  • no hinge pins;
  • no fabric layers;
  • no edges to fray;
  • nowhere to harbour dirt or bacteria.


Whichever option you chose, our monolithic belts provide exceptional hygiene

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