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Custom Solutions for Your Unique Needs:

Tailored to Your Precise Requirements

At RF Clarke Ltd, we offer custom solutions that are tailored to your exact needs. Our wide range of possibilities allows us to create a bespoke product that fits your requirements perfectly. Trust us to deliver the ideal solution for you.


Efficiently move your product from A to B on one of our conveyor belts. We supply traditional fabric-ply reinforced belts; ultra-hygienic monolithic belts; modular belts driven by sprockets and assembled from individual pieces linked by pins; all made from a variety of different materials, with strengths and surface effects tailored to your application.

Conveyor Belts


Transmit power from a motor to a machine with a high-efficiency flat drive belt. More efficient than traditional V-belts, smooth-running and vibration free, our precision flat belts made from modern materials are designed for your drive by our specialists.

High-Performance Drive Belt Products


We supply PTFE (Teflon) coated conveyor belts. These versatile PTFE materials are also widely used in many other applications where low friction, heat, and release are needed, such as heat-sealing machines or processing sticky or adhesive products. Many varieties are available to suit your purpose.

PTFE (Teflon) Products


For precise positioning of products or transmission of power, synchronous (or timing belts) are used in many processes. Metric or imperial pitches are available with steel, or aramid reinforcements, jointed or open length, with flights, product supports, specialised coatings and/or perforations as needed.

Synchronous Belts


A conveyor belt is the point of contact between your machine and your product. For a belt to run on your machine you need other parts: conveyor rollers; wear strips; slide beds; tracks for slat chain; sprockets for all our belts; roller laggings; roller covers; drive drums; return and support rollers and more. We will be happy to supply your components.

Belting Ancillaries


Polycord thermoweldable round belting and other reinforced or unreinforced polyurethane sections are used to convey a host of products in many industries. We offer many types, colours and textures, with the tools to join them.

PU Solid Belts