RF Clarke Ltd announces partnership with the YongLi Belting Group

Feb 22, 2021

RF Clarke Ltd is pleased to announce a partnership with YongLi Belting, a globally operating manufacturer specialized in light-duty conveyor belts. RF Clarke Ltd will become a full member of the YongLi Belting Group with its European headquarters in the Netherlands and global headquarters in Shanghai, China.

After having been an independent company for 100 years, RF Clarke Ltd has entered into a partnership with YongLi Belting to ensure that the business continues to thrive into its second century. This partnership follows 15 years of trading between RF Clarke Ltd and YongLi Belting, during which time RF Clarke Ltd has been impressed by the extent and quality of the product range offered by YongLi Belting.

“Together we are stronger. Among the many things we liked about YongLi Belting was the unrivalled emphasis that YongLi places on the development and wellbeing of its staff. A contented workforce ensures the best commitment to the core values of the business, foremost of which is customer service.” – Robert Darnley, CEO RF Clarke Ltd.

With existing YongLi belt fabrication branches in Germany, Poland, Austria and the Netherlands, RF Clarke Ltd will enter a rapidly growing community of belting enthusiasts. The combined knowledge and expertise will offer benefits to all customers throughout the entire organization.

“We have continuously grown in Europe by investing in people. It’s the people that create quality. Through our partnership with RF Clarke Ltd we add knowledgeable and skilled belting people to our group. With them we can grow the business and by doing so create opportunities for everybody involved and committed to RF Clarke.” – Remko van Hove, CEO YongLi Europe.

RF Clarke Ltd will continue to provide our customers throughout Ireland and beyond with the most cost-effective belting solutions for their applications, manufactured to the highest standards. No changes will occur in the dynamics of the company and RF Clarke Ltd will retain its name.