• diagram2Solid extruded polyester or polyurethane belt with integral cogs for positive drive;
  • Multiple rows of cogs at 200mm centres provide outstanding tracking;
  • No slipping – sprockets dispel contamination and keep belt running when other types slip;
  • Smooth belt underside, slides easily over simple wear strips;
  • Widths up to 1800mm;
  • White or blue colour.


Unique Belt ConceptIncline Belting

Easiest to clean – save water, time and money;


Drive sprocket arrangement Sidewall welding 012
  • Excellent cut and abrasion resistance;
  • Runs almost silently;
  • Wide temperature range.

  • Simple butt-welding system with inexpensive, lightweight tools;

  • Used belts can be repaired and re-used;

  • Homogenous thermoplastic material can be recycled


Easy removal 2