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RF Clarke Ltd, your trusted belting partner!

RF Clarke Ltd – Your first port of call for conveyor or drive belt solutions throughout Ireland. With our decades of experience and extensive range of customisation options, we are your trusted partner in streamlining your manufacturing process with efficiency and precision

Find Your Perfect Conveyor Belt Solution with the Widest Range in the country—PVC, PU, Rubber, and More—Only at RF Clarke Ltd!

We offer the fullest range: fabric-reinforced belts coated with PVC, PU, rubber, polyolefin, cotton, polyester....; Monolithic belts of PU or PES; Modular belts of polyethylene, acetal, polypropylene or flex materials;  wire belts; timing belts; teflon/PTFE belts and tapes;  rollers and conveyor ancillaries; the choice is yours!

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Effortlessly Move Your Products with Our High-Quality Conveyor Belts—Perfect for Any Industry, Big or Small!

Many industries need belts to move their products. Whatever your product, we have a conveyor belt, or open length belting, or a drive belt to shift it. Loaves in a bakery, baggage in an airport, parcels in a distribution centre, meat, potatoes, bottles, coal… all use our belts as they are processed, packaged, weighed, sorted, and graded....

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Minimise Downtime and Maximise Productivity with Our 24/7 Conveyor Belt Repair Service—Your Reliable Partner in Times of Crisis!

Accidents can happen in production. A damaged belt must be repaired quickly. When a crisis occurs, you need the confidence of an experienced team ready and able to respond quickly. We offer our customers a 24 hour call out service, 7 days per week

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Welcome to RF Clarke Ltd

With roots in Ulster's historic linen industry, for more than 100 years we have served manufacturing industry in Ireland. 45 years after we introduced into the country the first high-tech drive belts for textile machines, we have evolved into a bespoke belting manufacturer with unrivalled experience and knowledge of the belts required to keep goods flowing in the widest range of industrial sectors. Today, we make and install belts for food processors, agriculture, logistics, airports, recycling, timber, printing, packaging, plastics, pharmaceuticals and many more industries.

since 1919

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Founded in Belfast in 1919;